The principal behind English Families Agency is not far removed from a foreign exchange trip, the like of which is seen in many schools throughout Europe. The difference with English Families Agency is that the visit is a one-sided trip, for a foreign student to experience a short stay with an English family. However, exchanges can also be arranged.

Students are not just treated as paying guests by the host family. They are given a unique opportunity to spend a wonderful few weeks during a spring or summer holiday, as part of the host family. They are incorporated into the family, to experience day trips out, visit other families and most of all, improve their English. Students can be met at many of the UK’s main ports and airports and during their stay additional arrangements can be made for children to experience a wealth of activities, including tennis, golf, sailing, swimming and riding. Visits to art galleries, theatres, concerts and even additional English lessons can be arranged.


As well as the wealth of benefits experienced by the visiting student, host families for the English Families Agency also experience great advantages by participating in the scheme. There is the obvious remuneration, which can be an invaluable boost to the family finances during the expensive school holidays, but beyond that, host families benefit from getting to know someone from a foreign country – learning their culture and even some of their language by involving them in their family life.


The English Families Agency is a great way for foreign students to learn English in a unique and authentic environment and for host families, it is a great way to stimulate your children during the school holidays and broaden their horizons, as they open their home to a live-in guest. It is a unique and invaluable experience.