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With offices in Norfolk and Warwickshire, and operating throughout the UK, Help Unlimited is a multi-service agency offering a wide range of domestic help, including house keepers, childcare - nannies (full and part time) and au pairs- as well as offering a house and pet sitting service. Based in Norfolk and run by mother of four Anna de Soissons, Help Unlimited has been joined by Suzannah Bushill, operating from Warwickshire. Help Unlimited caters for a wide variety of domestic services, including, both full and part time nannies, au pairs, maternity nurses and housekeepers and cleaners.

Help Unlimited offers clients a wealth of knowledge and understanding when introducing and placing all types of domestic help. They pride themselves on offering a personal service you can trust and they work closely with their clients to ensure they only send candidates who are suited to the position available. All references are checked and followed up on.

Help Unlimited also have a trustworthy team of house and pet sitters.  The sitters have all been thoroughly vetted and are all police checked. We can also offer home boarding for dogs.  Both services allow your pets to remain in their every day routine and are given love and care whilst you are away.

So whatever your requirements, from full-time or part-time, live in or live out nannies, au pairs, mother’s help and maternity nurses, to housekeepers, as well as house and pet sitters, contact Help Unlimited for a friendly, reliable and personal service.

Help Unlimited offer a broad range of childcare services, from maternity nurses to assist with those first few weeks with your new baby, to fully qualified nannies who can provide continuous loving care for your child or children as they grow up. We can also provide au pairs when your children are over 2 years old and you need another pair of hands.


Nannies are flexible and fit in with your family life in a way that suits you best, whether this is around your work or your child’s school commitments. Nannies offer continuous loving care for your child or children and are very often seen as an extension of the real family. Strong bonds can be formed with nannies, so it is essential that you appoint someone who will suit your family life. Here at Help Unlimited we pride ourselves on working with you to provide the perfect nanny for your home situation.


Mother's help is an ideal solution if you are looking for some assistance with bringing up the children, but would prefer to do the bulk of the childcare yourself. Those applying for positions as a mother’s help are often younger and less experienced than nannies, but the services they offer, working alongside you with every aspect of raising the children, can be invaluable.


Maternity nurses are an ideal solution for parents of newly born babies, who are looking for an extra pair of hands during those difficult first few weeks and months. A maternity nurse can help with everything from assisting mothers in their recuperation following the birth, to establishing routines for the newborn baby. Many new parents struggle to cope with a new baby, particularly if it is their first child, as it can be a daunting experience.Maternity Nurses are there to guide you through and teach you how to care for your new baby, ensuring the experience is a magical one, rather than difficult and stressful. As the majority of Maternity Nurses will sleep in the baby’s room, they can also give you the opportunity of a much needed good night’s sleep which would otherwise be impossible. Maternity nurses are a short term placement but here at Help Unlimited we will work with you to establish the right period of time you require a maternity nurse and to place the right candidate in the position.



Au pairs are yet another solution to childcare assistance. Au pairs are young, unmarried, people from abroad, they can be male, female or even a couple who come to the UK to improve their English and learn the English culture, in return for a minimum of 25 hours per week and maximum 30 hours per week.

They live as part of your family but offer that much needed extra pair of hands, for anything from light housework, entertainment for the children, babysitting and school runs etc. Although not qualified, so unable to take sole responsibility for very young children, au pairs are a recognised form of childcare, governed by Home Office regulations.

Requiring only a small amount of pocket money each week, an au pair could be an excellent solution to your childcare needs. Here at Help Unlimited, we have many years experience both of placing au pairs with clients and in employing au pairs in our own homes, so we feel we have a unique and valuable insight in this field of childcare.

Here is the link to the au pair programme on the BAPAA website: http://bapaa.org.uk/au-pairs/what-is-an-au-pair/



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